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Toll rates and road taxes in Russia

The "Green card" must be purchased before crossing the border of the Russian Federation.
Since October 29, 2019, the last amendments to the Federal Law "On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Vehicle Owners" came into force. An important innovation has been made to article 31, paragraph 1, regarding the purchase of the Green Card.
Now, when traveling to other countries by your own car, international insurance under the Green Card system must be purchased before crossing the border.
Control over the fulfillment of these requirements is entrusted to customs officials.

There are several road sections in Russia the use of which toll rates is required.

The fee depends on the vehicle category, distance traveled and time of the day.

Vehicles categories in Russia:
category description
1 light-duty vehicles: cars (including cars with trailers up to 2 meters length), multi purpose vehicles, motorcycles
2 medium-size vehicles: cars (including cars with trailers with a length from 2 to 2.6 meters), vans, pickups, minivans

Since 15 April 2016, foreign transport operators using Russian Federal Highways have to register with the Electronic toll collection system (Platon - ETCS), intended to compensate the damage caused to Russian Federal highways by vehicles exceeding 12 tons (HGV N3 sub-category).

- toll tickets can only be purchased by users registered with the ETCS;
- single toll tickets are no longer issued;
- the validity period of toll tickets is 7 days.

In order to obtain a Toll Ticket all users will have to be fully registered in the "Platon" ETC System via the web site www.platon.ru or in the office "Platon" ETC System.

First time violation will result in a fine of EUR 64.5, increasing to EUR 129 thereafter.

More and actual information about toll rate system in Russia find here.

Vehicle classes
Class 1 - motorcycles and light vehicles with 2 or more axles and height up to 2 m
Class 2 - motor vehicles with 2 and more axles, height from 2 to 2.6 m (minivans, caravans, pickups...)
Class 3 - trucks and buses without trailers, with 2 axles and height above 2.6 m
Class 4 - trucks and buses, and vehicles class 1 or 2 with trailers, with 3 and more axles and height above 2.6 m

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More information at https://russianhighways.ru

More information at https://russianhighways.ru

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