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Speed limits in Italy Italy

Last update: March 2017

Speed limits in Italy
There are standard speed limits in Italy (unless otherwise stated by traffic signs):

Speed limits for motorcycles and passenger cars (up to 3t):
in populated areas 50 km/h
outside populated areas 90 km/h
on a speedway 110 km/h
on a highway 130 km/h

In wet weather conditions, the speed limits is up to 90 km/h on a speedways and 110 km/h on a highways. The same restrictions apply to vehicles equipped with studded tires.

Speed limits for vehicles with a trailer:
in populated areas 50 km/h
outside populated areas 70 km/h
on a speedway 80 km/h
on a highway 80 km/h

The speed limits for vehicles equipped with snow chains is up to 50 km/h.

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