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Car seat belts in Hungary Hungary

Last update: March 2017

Car safety seat belts use in Hungary
The use of seat belts, in Hungary, is compulsory for the driver, the front and the rear passengers. In the event that any of the passengers did not fastened seat belts, the penalty will be charged with this passenger.

The fine is:
- in populated area: HUF 15,000;
- outside populated area: HUF 30,000;
- on the motorway: HUF 40,000.

The use of child seats or relevant child restraint systems is mandatory.

Seat belts are not compulsory only for:
- the drivers when reversing
- the taxi drivers on duty
- the patients in an ambulance
- the passengers on public transport in urban areas
- the passengers in long-distance buses with places for standing passengers
children under 3 in buses
- people exempt for medical reasons

Child seats are compulsory for children under 3 and shorter than 150 cm

Child seats are not compulsory for:
- children over 3 and taller than 135 cm, if the car's normal seat belt fits for their size
- children travelling in a taxi, ambulance, police car or bus that is allowed to transport standing passengers
- children exempt for medical reasons