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Speed limits in Denmark Denmark

Last update: March 2017

Speed limits in Denmark
There are standard speed limits in Denmark (unless otherwise stated by traffic signs).

Speed limits for motorcycles and passenger cars (up to 3t):
in populated areas 50 km/h
outside populated areas 80 km/h
on a speedway 110 km/h
on a highway 130 km/h

Speed limits for vehicles with trailers:
in populated areas 50 km/h
outside populated areas 70 km/h
on a speedway 80 km/h
on a highway 80 km/h

The minimum permitted speed when driving on the motorway in Denmark is at least 50 km/h.

Good to know: Denmark abolish general speed limit for trucks on country roads and bypass!

As of July 1 on the Scandinavian country roads and bypass roads trucks are not only to drive the maximum of 50 kilometers per hour, they can go as fast on country roads and bypass as it is officially dictate with the speed limit signs.