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Car seat belt in Belgium Belgium

Last update: January 2018

Car safety seat belts use in Belgium
The use of seat belts is mandatory in Belgium for the driver and all passengers (even for the passengers on the rear seats).Child seats or child relevant restraint system is mandatory for kids traveling in the car.

Fine is €50.

Exclusions is allowed only in case of:
- drivers when reversing
- taxi drivers when transporting a client
- drivers and passengers of priority vehicles under certain conditions
- people exempt for medical reasons
- postal vehicles making frequent stops

Child seats (child restraint system) are not compulsory for:
- children under 18 and shorter than 135 cm in buses and taxis sitting on the back seat
- children at least 3 years old and shorter than 135 cm wearing seat belts in the back seat during short-term occasional transport in cars and vans.