Signaling the maneuver does not provide a priority of way

Signaling before the maneuver, is a must, but does not provide you a priority of way!

Most often mistakes of some drvers is to think that “I have already gave a signal for the maneuver… the other vehicle must give me way!”

According to the traffic rule: Every driver of a road vehicle is obliged to give a prompt an clear signal on his/her intention to deviate from the direction of movement, BEFORE he/she has taken any maneuver! A driver who wants to change the direction of movement (whether he/she wants to bypass an obstacle, changes the road lanes, makes turn …) MUST give a signal by turning on the relevant direction lights indicators of the vehicle, before the maneuver!

If, because of a faulure the direction light indicators of the wehicle do not work, the driver must give a signal by hand!

In addition, the driver (before starting the maneuver) is obliged to look around and comply with the all road users, moving around him/her (including pedestrians) as considers their speed and direction of movement. The driver is allowed to make the maneuver only in case he/she is sure that it will not endanger other road users, in any way.

Lets see what that the Traffic Law says:

The driver of a road vehice, who is going to undertake any maneuver, must be convinced that it will not create a danger for the other road users moving after him/her, before him/her or past him/her, and to perform a maneuver taking into account their position, direction and speed of movement.

Beforeany  turn or start of any maneuver associated with a deviation to the right or left, the driver must promptly provide a clear and sufficient alert signal. The signal shall be given by the vehicle’s direction indicator lamps, and for vehicles which do not have direction indicator lamps or are damaged by hand. The signal must be switched on all the time during the maneuver and terminates immediately after the maneuver is completed. The hand signal may be terminated immediately before the maneuver begins.

Before undertake any maneuver the driver must comply also with the road signs, road traffic lights or road markings!

Here are some examples:
The red vehicle is obliged to give way to the blue vehicle!

Before start the meneuver bypassing you must comply with the signal given by a vehicle moving behind you!

The blue vehicle is obliged to give way to the red vehicle!
Before undertake the maneuver bypassing you must comply with a road sign and road marking meaning!
You are forbidden to cross the road marking!
The red vehicle must slow down and stop, if it is necessary, to give way to the druck, and after that if the oncoming roadway is free to undertake the meneuver bypassing!
When making a maneuver related to entry on the oncoming adjacent road lane, the driver is obliged to give way to all vehicles moving on it. In populated areas, when the maneuver must be done simultaneously by two vehicles, from two adjacent road lanes, the vehicle from the left road lane must give way to a vehicle from the right road lane.
In this particular situation, the green vehicle has a priority of way: