Seychelles – no quarantine only for vaccinated tourists

Seychelles became the first country in the world that officially announced: All vaccinated (against COVID19) tourists are welcomed to visit the country without mandatory quarantine.

All travelers who are injected with the full dose (two doses) of COVID-19 vaccine (regardless of the vaccine manufacturer) will be allowed to visit the Indian Ocean archipelago (without mandatory self-isolation), but still be a subject to of the prescribed (upon their entry into the country) measures for social distancing. The full vaccination course must be completed within two weeks before leaving for the Seychelles, and those vaccinated must present the relevant document (vaccination passport, health status, etc.).

The requirement to fill in a country visit form (travel authorisation) and sent it to the public health authority before the trip remains in force. This applies to all travelers, even those who have received the vaccine.

For all other, unvaccinated tourists, the requirement to present a negative PCR test result before departure for the island and self-isolation for 10 days after arrival on the island applies, remains in force.

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