Safe Driving in Reduced Visibility

Remember: Driving in fog, rain or hail can greatly reduce your visibility and the visibility of your vehicle to the rest of the road users.

You can improve your visibility as:

So what other can be done for safety driving in such a bad weather conditions?

Driving in fog

Driving in heavy fog is dangerous, and should be avoided if at all possible, especially if you are a young driver with driving experinence less than 2 years;

Nighttime driving


Driving at night is more difficult for most people than driving in the day. That’s because it’s harder to see road signs, other vehicles, pedestrians or other objects on the road (or close to the road lane). It’s much more harder to judge the distance between your vehicle and others vehicles, road users or other obstacles on the road.

So what to do?


Driving in rainy or wet conditions










Driving in the rain or when the road is wet can be especially hazardous.  Most of the drivers fail to slow down and the result is lose control of the vehicles – and may ocur an accident.
Some tips for driving in wet conditions:

Source: www.gemplers.com

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