Should we pass the junction or no?

Let remember the traffic rules for crossing a regulated junction if there are road signs placed (on the priority of way and mandatory direction of movement) and in the same time there is a traffic cop.

Do we know what to do? Do we need to follow the traffic cop hand signs, do we need to follow road signs or need to keep both in mind?

Let see and discuss this example situation:

General traffic rules say:


How to follow these general traffic rules and use them in this particular situation? Should we move in the direction indicated with a blue arrow or not?

Let’s think about…. this is a regulated road junction and in the same time there are couple of rules we need to follow (mandatory direction of movement and traffic cop signals). What to do?

The meaning of this particular hand sign of the traffic cop means “Movement straight and right only is allowed.“,  but in the same time there is a road sign G1 that means “Keep moving straight after the sign is mandatory“.

So we are obliged to move straight while passing the junction as the traffic cop allow us to do that. We are not allowed to turn right in this particular situation! Why?

In this situation we will be allowed to turn right only in case there is an additional specific signal from the traffic cop allowing us to follow the blue arrow. But there is no such additional signal.. so we have to pass straight the junction.

The right answer is 1.

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