New higher toll rates in Greece

New higher toll rates in Greece
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New higher toll rates for driving on the highways in Greece.

There are two type of costs – lower (for e-payments) and a little bit higher (for cache payments).

Whatever of the way of payment the toll rates depends on the distance traveled and a type of the vehicle (vehicle category). Vehicles categories are classified based on their height and the number of axles.
Vehicle categories in Greece

category description
1 motorcycles, tricycles
2 vehicles with/without trailers and height up to 2.20 m
3 vehicles with/without trailers, with 2 or 3 axles, and height upto 2.20 m
4 vehicles with/without trailers, with 4 and more axles, and height more than 2.20 m


Check the toll rates, for 2017,  for the most favourite roads and highway in Greece.

Different sections of highways is managed by different management companies, so it is a good idea to check the relevant websites before you you go.


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