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E-vignette in Austria since December 2017

Since December 1, 2017 in Austria, electronic vignettes are beginning to operate. Now you can buy them online in advance.
Also since December 1, 2017 in Austria, new cherry-colored vignettes are beginning to operate. In comparison with the previous year, prices for them increased by about 1%. We remind you that they must be properly attached.

E-vignettes validity

  • Annual e-vignette 2018 –  is valid up to and including 31 January 2019.
  • 10 days e-vignette – is valid until the end of the tenth day of validity.
  • 2 months e-vignette – applies for a period of two months. If your 2-month vignette is valid, for example from 17 March, it will be valid up to and including 17 May.
  • digital section toll – is valid for either a single trip or as a 365-day annual card.

By entering your vehicle licence plate here, you can check whether the car has a valid digital toll sticker or a valid digital route toll and for which periods it applies.


***Didital section toll applies to:



If you are registeresd in the online store, you will be able to change validity of the e-vignette, but only until the validity period of the vignette has come. You can change the validity period, and also, if necessary, the vehicle registration number.

Keep in mind that if you bought an e-vignette without registration, and after that you want to change your data  on the site, will not get access to your previous orders.