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Toll rates and taxes in Norway Norway

Last update: January 2021

Toll rates and road taxes in Norway

There are 45 toll roads in Norway. 25 of them are equipped with electronic barriers, where you can pay directly on your entrance.

You can use several ways of payment of the road taxes in Norway and you can choose which of them to use.

Visitors payment

The system is most convenient if you plan to stay in the country less than three months. To take advantage of this payment method (which provides you automatic payment of tolls) you need to register a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) on the website Turist Portalen. Upon registration you have a choice to select the duration of your stay in Norway. The maximum stay, allowed by the Visitors Payment method is three months. Once you have registered your card, your registration number of the car will be automatically registered on the road checkpoints, when passing through it, and the system automatically will take the corresponding amount from your registered credit card. Auto Pass is another way to pay tolls in Norway. This payment method is recommended for a longer stay in the country (over three months).

To get Auto Pass, you must be under contract and received a pass electronic device (OBU), that you have to mount on the inside of the windshield of the car behind the rearview mirror. You should pay, in advance, a deposit of NOK 200 (for electronic device that you will be given).

Cash, at place

If you choose this payment method, note that the machines accept Norwegian coins only. The credit cards payment is not optional for the most of the checkpoints.

Some Norway cities are applying entrance payment, as:
Toll rates in Oslo
More information at http://www.fjellinjen.no/

Toll rates in Bærum
More information athttp://www.fjellinjen.no/

* Rate group 1 - vehicles with total permissible weight of 3500 kg.
** Rate group 2 - vehicles with total permissible weight of 3501 kg and more.
Rate group M1 - cars for personal transportation with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver seat. Most caravans, camping wagons and some other large cars.

Pre-payment for crossing Oslo or Bærum is no longer possible.

Toll rates in other cities in Norway

populated area rate for vehicles up to 3,5 t, (NOK) rate for vehicles above 3,5 t, (NOK)
Stavanger 20 50
Namsos 18 36
Bergen 25 50
Kristiansand 21 42
Tønsberg 15 30
There is no tax for motorcycles.

Toll rate groups in Norway

toll rate group desription
A passenger car (and passenger car with trailer in tow) when total combined weight does not exceed the permissible limit of 3 500 kg or the combined length does not exceed 6 metres
B motorcycles
C passengers (adults/children)
D toll only in one direction
E a charge is payable for driving into the city centre
F vehicles length from 6 to 12.4 m
G toll fee collected on workdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
H time-differentiated rates
I one-hour rule: Only one toll passage is charged for within a given time, in most cases 60 minutes. A valid AutoPASS contract and toll tag are required.
J Monthly ceiling. A maximum number of toll passages are charged for per month and per vehicle linked to a contract. At some toll plazas the monthly ceiling only applies to light vehicles. A valid AutoPASS contract and toll tag are required.
K Discount rate for passages through toll plazas belonging to the toll road operator with whom you have a contract. The discount rate may vary according to the amount that has been pre-paid, or based on whether you have a light vehicle or HGV.
L Discount rate with valid AutoPASS contract and AutoPASS toll tag from any toll road operator, including valid foreign tag. In order to obtain a higher discount rate where this is possible, a supplementary contract must be signed with the relevant toll road operator. The discount rate may vary based on whether you have a light vehicle or HGV.
M Toll ring
N Reverse hour rule for toll plazas at Skorgen and Skjeggstad, see more information at http://www.eksportvegen.no/service/#hva-er-en-omvendt-timesregel
O Rate Group 1: Cars with a maximum authorised mass below 3 500 kg, and all vehicles registered in the vehicle category M1. The M1 vehicle category includes passenger vehicles with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat. Most motorhomes, camper vans and certain large cars are included in this vehicle category. For cars above 3,500 kg in the M1 category to be charged the same toll rate as cars below 3,500 kg, it is a condition that they have an electronic toll tag with a valid toll contract. For Atlanterhavstunnelen, see: www.atlanterhavstunnelen.no.
P Rate Group 2: Vehicles with a maximum authorised mass above 3 501 kg, except vehicles registered in the vehicle category M1.

Ferry tax in Norway

ferry road desription
E39 Mortavika-Arsvågen, Rogaland
E39-Fv. 546 Husavik-Sandvikvåg, Hordaland
E39-Fv. Sandvikvåg-Halhjem
Fv. 48 Gjermundshavn-Varaldsøy-Årsnes, Hordaland
Fv. 541 Langevåg-Buavåg, Hordaland
Fv. 546 Krokeide-Hufthamar, Hordaland
Fv. 659 Skjeltene-Lepsøya-Haramsøya, Møre og Romsdal
Fv. 710 Brekstad-Valset, Sør-Trøndelag
Fv. 715 Flakk–Rørvik, Sør-Trøndelag

Toll plazas with AutoPASS:

E6, Helgeland nord, Nordland
E6, Trondheim-Stjørdal, SørTrøndelag
E6, Tingberg, Oppland
E6, Svinesundsforbindelsen, Østfold
E6, Moss, Raukerud, Østfoldpakka, Østfold
E6, Gardermoen-Moelv, Akershus
E6, Frya-Sjoa
E6/E10, Leirvik, Nordland
E16, Bolstad (Vossapakko), Hordaland
E16, Kongsvinger-Slomarka, Hedmark
E16, Fønhus-Bagn, Oppland
E18, Østfoldpakka, Østfold
E18, Gulli-Langangen, Vestfold
E18, Aust-Agder
E39, Handeland, Listerpakken, Vest-Agder
E134, Stordalstunnelen, Hordaland
E136, Tresfjordbrua og Vågstrandstunnelen, Møre og Romsdal
Rv.7, Sokna-Ørgenvika, Buskerud
Rv.13, Hardangerbrua, Hordaland
Rv.13, Svelgane (Vossapakken), Hordaland
rv.19, Skoppum, Horten, Vestfold
Rv.80, Strømsnes, Nordland
Rv.80, Vikan, Nordland
Rv.7, Kvammapakken, Hordaland
Rv.17, Godøystraumen, Nordland
Fv.33, Langsletta, Oppland
Fv.34, Grime, Oppland
Fv.43, Kollevoll, Listerpakken, Vest-Agder
Fv.45, Gjesdal, Rogaland
Fv.47, T-forbindelsen, Rogaland
Fv.71, Sykkylvsbrua, Møre og Romsdal
Fv.78, Vegpakke Helgeland, Nordland
Jondalstunnelen, Hordaland
Fv.108, Kråkerøyforbindelsen, Østfold
Fv.118, Svinesundforbindelsen, gamle E6,Østfold
Fv.128, Østfoldpakka, gamle E18, Østfold
Fv.175, Kongsvinger-Slomarka, Hedmark
Fv.250, Kongsvinger-Slomarka, Hedmark
Fv.255, Fåberg, Prestegård, Gausdalsvegen, Oppland
Fv.311, Kambo, Østfoldpakka, Østfold
Fv.312, Skarsmoen, Oppland
Fv.315, Lundgård, Gausdalsvegen, Oppland
Fv.465, Gjervollstad, Listerpakken, VestAgder
Fv.519, Finnøytunnelen, Rogaland
Fv.542, Bømlopakken, Spissøy, Hordaland
Fv.544, Halsnøysambandet, Hordaland
Fv.714, Laksevegen, Sør-Trøndelag
Fv.715, Fosenpakken, Krinsvatn, SørTrøndelag
Fv.858, Ryaforbindelsen, Troms

AutoPASS is the Norwegian system for the collection of road tolls. All tolls stations in Norway are automated, except for the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel and some ferries. With a valid AutoPASS contract and a tag in vehicles, a discount is conceded for the use of toll roads.
More information about AutoPass chek here.

Manual toll plaza

This is a road Fv. 64 - Atlanterhavstunnelen, Møre og Romsdal

Tolling projects in Norway

More information at https://www.vegvesen.no
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